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ITERATION: A Chronicle

Iteration - new version of the old shell

Humanity - wretched creatures that killed Terra

Chronicle - a journey

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The music contained in this release considered as the author’s best works, with most complex structure, composition, arrangement, programming and sound design. You will never find anything similar these works anywhere in the mainstream, as they were crafted with extreme experimentation and creativity. But they do not belonged to the author anymore, as the author released these to the world. Everyone should have their right to share, perform, modify, sample, and own them. Everyone should have the freedom of association to use these works as much as they pleased. As ones always said, fuck any form of intellectual and private property.

ITERATION is a collection of works that documented the author’s life journey through exploration of anarchism, with various tendencies and theories. Moreover, the focus of inspirations in these works is to find the reasons between revolution and collapse. The author believe that anarchism might have a chance to be achievable in very short time, however collapse is inevitable. They identify themself as an illegalist insurrectionary nihilist, but that does not matter, what matters is there demonstration and illustration, of anarchism and anarchy.

The author also hope that these works could inspire other musicians to explore, experiment, and expand their creativity without restriction of genres, styles or tools. All of those are social constructs, just like class, race and gender. Never let the authority and hierarchy of society hold down your creation. The author did not have any formal training, no music lesson, neither play any instrument. You have better understanding of music theory than the former creator of these works. Yet no barrier hold nor delay the creation of these works. Be yourselves and let no label stop your creativity.

The author believe that no license is necessary to be used for release freedom of these works, as there should be none of any label over any free work. However when someone attempted to copyright these works against people and stopping other from using them, all you gotta do is shove a rifle muzzle down their throat and pull the trigger. Make sure to double tap it.

But to be safe so you do not waste a bullet on some compost, tell them that these works are Public Domain CC0 or GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3.0 and they are the most free licenses one could think of. Free as freedom, not free beer, of course, if you know that FLOSS motto.

The author recommend the practical reading list while listening to these works

Track list

Ground Zero

Children of the Circuit

Climate Change _ No That’s Just Capitalism

Class Struggle

First The Forest Die Then You Dance

Earth Will Consume Your Children

Butterfly Effect


Glass House

Zombie Commodity

Turnkey Tyranny

Together We Walk Alone In The Night

Our Own Battle

Symphony of Stolen Society

Voice Of The Voiceless

Rigged Rat Race

Love For Killing Our Children

The Coming Insurrection


Gilets Jaunes

Faith In Freedom

Freedom or Die Trying






Direct Action


Black Clad Warrior


Mutual Aid

Anarchy In Order


Heroes In Pajamas

I Fight For The Users



Fuck Society

Autonomous Anarchy Action



This Place Is For You And Me

Love Knows No Border

Great Commune Of The Planet Earth

Relative Absolute


Control Is An Illusion



Wild World

End Of The Ride

Final Circle Of Humanity

Moving On

The Crossing

Terror Nullius

The Sun Still Rises